• Olivier Bronze Patine Bronze

    Lustre Bronze Olivier Patine Bronze


  • Manoir Bronze Patine Bronze

    Lustre Bronze Manoir Patine Bronze


  • Château Bronze Patine Bronze

    Lustre Bronze Château Patine Bronze

True sculptures in suspension, the Villa Alys chandeliers crown the affirmed character interiors with their discreet luxury. Designed by Gaëtan Malphettes and the co-founder of the house, the designer and architect Dorota Dabrowska, these creations counterpoise the chandeliers monumentality to the airy lightness of a suspension. Ambiance chandeliers, they magnify the light that seems to flow warmly on the room. Olive Tree, Castle or Manor, these chandeliers, available in bronze, nickel, bronze or gold, summon the imagination. Those chandeliers, with their timeless style, highlight the most beautiful interiors.   Proposed in two models, these creations reproduce, with sobriety, the patterns from the vegetable world so dear to the creators of Villa Alys and are decorated with Lyon silk taffeta lampshade of an exceptional quality. These lampshades, with golden lining, ensure the homogeneous diffusion of a precious light.   Radiant with an authentic charm, each chandelier is a unique piece. Originating from a work of excellence, made in France by craftsmen, these light s are, after casting bronze, carefully patinated. They are made with a traditional technique of sculpture called “lost-wax casting”. A technique that, preserving the patina – the mysterious charisma of bronze, gives all its quality and its subtlety to these chandeliers. Made in France, all chandeliers bear the signature of their designer engraved on a brass plate. The know-how quality guarantee: the Villa Alys is a member of the Chamber of Trades and Crafts of Paris.