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The world of Villa Alys




Villa Alys offers lamps as sculptures. A moment of poetry petrified in bronze
Our lamps are Parisian, but in a bucolic and wandering mood, inspired by plants, 
animals, distant countries. Organic and contemporary creations.
Reinventing the codes of luxury
With a timeless and fluid style inspired by the very history of the Decorative Arts, 
our lamps are moving, embodied, charismatic, friendly and remain beyond trends and fashions.
Our creations blend into refined and cosmopolitan interiors whether it is a palace or a villa, 
a chalet, a Provençal farmhouse or even a more avant-garde or futuristic architectural project.
Through their spontaneity, our creations bring a touch of freshness. 
Each of them offers an alternative and thus gives a poetic dimension to the contemporary style while renewing the classic. 
By their hybrid nature and the alchemy of their noble materials, our lamps are a purity, a fusion of bohemian, chic, trendy, traditional styles, 
rustic, industrial....
Each of them symbolizes carefully chosen archetypes: Nature, trees, animals, the feminine...
Between art and decoration
A Villa Alys lamp is the magic of light carried by a sculpture.
This unique atmosphere, this quality of presence, gives a feeling of well-being, softness of life, freedom and harmony.
A true French art of living with original creations where each model is unique.
Embodying the material
From the preparatory drawing, through the iron structure, wax modelling and casting, we are very attached to the balance of proportions. 
It is the coherence of these processes that gives our lamps their character. This spirit, this mystery, which seems to inhabit them, gives them this intensity, 
this emotional and unusual power.
GAËTAN MALPHETTES Artistic Director, sculptor 
DOROTA DABROWSKA Interior designer, designer

Our collection, is mainly composed of lamps like sculptures.

We ask ourselves questions, which seem essential to us like:
How to restore the quality of natural light in a house?
How to create an object that is poetic yet functional?
How to bring nature into your home?
How to hybridize art and crafts?
How to design an object, made in France, entirely handmade, which has an artistic dimension, which is signed by the author at the price of a decorative object?
How to make a playful object, without locking oneself in a style?
How to be current without being fashionable?
How to design objects that have a real presence, while blending into the atmosphere, without imposing a style?

Table lamps for all rooms in your home

We have created a wide range of luminaires to meet all your needs. We have developed lamps for the living room: to be placed on a chest of drawers, a piece of furniture, a fireplace, for the bedroom: on bedside tables, side tables, desks and dining tables.
In a room, you will create a soft and peaceful atmosphere, calling for relaxation and calm.
For the office, you will need more accurate lighting.

Table lamps for all styles and moods

Most of our models are available in two or three sizes.
Models that have a unique size, such as the Madame lamp or the Goa lamp, are more like lamps for large rooms such as the living room and dining room.
The lamps Olivier, Cheval, Artichoke, Rose, can be used in a living room and office, as well as on a bedside table in the mini version.

- The height of a living room lamp, and about 80 cm.
The height of a desk lamp, and about 60 cm.
The height of a bedside lamp is about 40 to 50 cm


In the collection of our cotton tarpaulins covered with vegetable wax, we have two colours Caviar and Mastic, on gold or on transparent.

How to choose your lampshade?
A lampshade on a gold PVC background will give priority to the quality of light. The goal is to imitate sunlight by giving a warm and orange side to the light. The lampshade on the outside remains opaque. The light only diffuses above and below.

While a lampshade on a transparent background will give more priority to the functional side of the lamp, so that it illuminates as well as possible. The appearance of the illuminated lampshade gives the appearance of a luminous ball. The lampshade illuminates at 360°.

Maintenance of your lampshade
The Caviar and Mastic lampshades made of woven Cotton, thanks to their thin layer of vegetable wax, are washable and can be wiped with a damp cloth. Other lampshades made of linen, taffeta, velvet and paper should be handled with care and gently cleaned with a feather duster or dry cloth.

Our woven cotton fabrics have the FSC label, Forest Stewardship Council
FSC, Forest Support Council, is an environmental label, whose purpose is to ensure that the production of wood or a wood-based product complies with the procedures guaranteeing sustainable forest management.
On a global scale, the FSC aims to "Promote the responsible management of the world's forests"; that is, ecologically appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management that meets the needs of current and future generations. It aims at ecologically appropriate forest management, ensuring that the harvesting of wood and non-wood products maintains forest biodiversity, productivity and ecosystem functionality.


In order to guarantee impeccable quality, we follow the traditional techniques of lost wax.
The realization of a bronze sculpture is composed in 9 steps:

Step 1: PROTOTYPE PROTECTION in wax and metal

Using an elastomer mold, the prototype is imprinted

Step 3: CIRE
retouching of sealing surfaces
a new wax is poured from the mold

The wax melts and is recovered
Capping: manufacture of a refractory cement or plaster mould that resists bronze casting
Cement coating. The wax is embedded in a plaster slurry and then fired at high temperature
Evacuation of all humidities by heat, evacuation and decomposition of all that is inside.
The vents allow the air to escape and the material to be well distributed in the mold, preserving all the details of what the hand has sculpted.

Step 5: Casting / Merging
When the refractory mould is clean and dry, it is removed from the oven (the oven)
we put the mold on the ground,
Bronze is melted into a graphic bucket that resists the 1200-1300° of bronze.

Step 6: UNPLASTING (demoulding)
the steamed (heated) refractory mould (which is a lost mould) is broken and the bronze is removed.

Cleaning of surfaces using an abrasive sprayed at high speed with compressed air through a nozzle.

Cleaning, deburring, assembly/assembly, welding

Step 9: SKATE
The patina is applied to the work by being heated with a torch which, by oxidizing, gives the bronze brown or black tones.

The Bronze patina is made by adding natural pigments to the burning bronze.
The gold patina is the colour of the raw bronze with the addition of pigments to the metallic brush to remove the shiny side and give a matt touch.
The Silver patina is achieved by adding nickel by electrolysis.
Black Pearl Patina is produced by adding nickel by electrolysis. Black is a pigment that gives the impression of mother-of-pearl

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