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Our lampshades

We have developed a woven cotton tarpaulin with a large weft, coated with a thin layer of wax. This very contemporary effect, with a mat aspect, gives a nobility to the bronze sculptures. By their sobriety, these materials blend naturally into the world of decoration (old stones, wood, brushed metal, etc.). They have a proper character and support the charisma of lamps.   All lampshades are hand-lined and made in France.


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Designed by Villa Alys, the lampshades are no longer just accessories: like the painting frame, they bring the final touch to the light fittings, accentuating all the nobility of the model and the patina of the bronze. Fitting perfectly with the Villa Alys creations, they give a fine style to the lamps, floor lamps, sconces and chandeliers. Each lampshade has its character and supports, with delicacy, the charisma of the lamps. It shapes the light, makes it more radiant and warm, crystallises it gently to make it take on a particular quality, a delicate and festive atmosphere. The Caviar or Putty colours are the finishes we favour as being most in harmony with the spirit of the sculptures.   Developed from a woven cotton tarpaulin with a broad frame, coated with a layer of wax, these lampshades blend naturally by their sobriety into the world of their owner, harmonising with the old stones of a manor, the woodwork of a villa by the sea, or with the brushed metal of a Parisian loft. We offer 60 materials and colours. Cotton, linen, Flannel, taffeta, Japanese paper, raffia, etc.   Gold interior, transparent or white vinyl. These lampshades will complete any decoration, bringing a touch of pop fantasy or slipping with the necessary discretion within the decor. Adapted to the different models of lamps, floor lamps or sconces, these lampshades are available in a variety of formats: tambour, moon, mini-moon, half-moon, pyramid, oval or more classically – conical. If they know how to be stylish and light to emphasize the elegance of a wall lamp, they also know to be wide and generous, and to crown the graceful majesty of a floor lamp.   In accordance with the Villa Alys values, all lampshades are hand-crafted: from traditional know-how, they are hand-lined and made in France.